School Meal

Dietary Education

At AIKB35, we carefully calculate nutritions compared with the pace of children of each ages. For us, school meal is not just a food, but something children can also enjoy and learn something from it too. For example, sometimes our chef will prepare a cookie or omlettes that seems like they're out of a storybook, a local cuisine from all around the world, that way we can also introduce little children a bit of the world through each meal.

AIKB35 Kitchen

Almost 30 years experience in this field, we fully support a nutritious meal that balances children's health and growth. We prepare your the school meal daily with the kitchen equipments and the hygiene management that are all in Japan-standard.


We also prepare 'Kids Kitchen' where little children can enjoy the all-you-can-eat snacks or trying their very first cooking experience as a part of dietary education.


With every meal me made, we're devoted to make sure little children get the best nutritions while they can also enjoy every bite. And that's the reason we always prepare a high-quality organic ingredients as much as we can.


To assure your child can enjoy every moment in AIKB35, we also support an allergy-free meal. We always discuss beforehand if your children are allergic to any specific dietary and share the information with all of our staffs so we can aviod the cretain ingredients or prepare another meal just for your little ones.