Earth is just a big 'playground'


It is our greatest honor to support your children to the best of our limits,
enhance their wonderous abilities one by one.

Elaborate them the diversity of each country and it's unique culture,
in accordance with how can we learn to respect those differences in harmony.

Educate the children about the 'cosmopolitanism', the delicacy of each country's languages,
so they can comprehend and live as a civilized and sophisticated global citizen or as a potential global leader.

Providing a friendly environment where they can develop their own characteristics along with leadership skills.
Encouraging them to grow and strive to achieve not only their knowledge but also, social skill,
intellect and profound understanding in humanity.


Since 1991, Associe International has managed more than 20 operating branches of child-rearing facilities, mainly in Tokyo. Our history goes backs approximately 30 years, we are proud of our strength in human relations, our endeavor in the search for a place with perfect environment for raising a child, and our effort in creating a workplace where both parents and kindergartener staffs could connect, and supporting each other through bonding with the local people. Here in Bangkok, we wish to strive for the best of our experience and knowledge in educating small children, teaching them the beauty of differences and unique cultures in each country, so that they can learn to value and respect the diversity of the world, thus eventually will broadening their future’s horizon.

Mrs. Somjai Thadasawad Siulue


I will do my best to make this kindergarten a happy place for children. Children can bring out their own capabilities out prominently when they are in a happy environment.
  • Ryo Matsumoto

    Vice Principal Japanese Program

    I put myself in parent’s view, and I will manage the school and stand on guard for your child’s safety and create a fun learning environment in a foreign country ‘Bangkok’.
  • Estrillita Gachuiwung Shimray

    Vice Principal International Program

    I am dedicated towards creating a warm, safe and productive learning environment at AIKB35 working along with parents and the community. I truly believe that children are our future and as a school, we will help and guide students develop their mind, ‘How to think not what to think.’


  • 01

    A child who's full of enthusiasm,
    courage and thoughtfulness

  • 02

    An intellectually curious child with
    a heart of adventurer

  • 03

    An independent child who's
    bestowed with generosity

  • 04

    A child who's well equip with
    compassion and cosmopolitanism


  • Simple
  • Comfortable
  • Functional
  • Amenity

Casual Wear

An original casual wear with a heart-warming illustration, designed by Japanese well-known illustrator ‘Isao Matsumura’. An adorably cute little T-shirt that will make you feel like it is never enough to own just one.

A caramel colored leather bag that matches well with Kumikyoku’s casual yet refined uniform. Enhance the details with a finishing touch of the embossed school logo to adds up a stylish vibe.